We at Nextee have been in tea business for decades, supplying tea to some of the most renowned brands across the globe and Royal Black Pearl is our offering to all tea lovers. Tea for us is a luxury which we want to offer everybody.


Royal black pearl symbolizes purity and ardor echoed in our special teas ranging from Black tea, Masala tea, Green tea, Matcha tea to various other types of Flavoured tea.Our blends are created by collective pool of Tea experts, carefully testing and tasting each leaf to create an irresistible, sophisticated and tranquil blend which is both healthy and aromatic.


Our frequent travels to the best tea producing estates in India have crafted an opportunity for us to sample some of the finest produce, best production techniques and understand priceless wisdom from tea estates, to offer some of the best leaves to the world and learn how to treat them with utmost respect.

For more info, please visit our group website at www.Nexteegroup.com