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The Black Tea Dips

Black Tea

The Black Tea Dips

The Black Tea Dips

Tea is a beverage filled with a natural aroma and is prepared using hot water filling in the cup having an evergreen shrub of Camellia sinensis in the form of dips. There are kinds of teas namely green, white, and black and Oolong tea. Black tea is one of the tea forms which is more oxidized than many of its other kinds. Generally, black tea is stronger in flavor than many other less oxidized teas. It is most popular in the western parts of the world and is gaining its popularity among the east slowly. Black tea is a true form of tea obtained from camellia sinensis plant leaves and is available in the form of dips (black tea dips) at Royal Black Pearl.

The making of black tea involves four stages– withering, rolling, oxidation and drying, making it more caffeinated than the other oxidized teas and gives an intense taste. Out of all the other forms of the tea, Black tea is the most consumed one aiming at the health benefits. Other than serving the purpose of health, black tea is also used for hair and skin care treatments.

Types of Black tea dips

Black tea dips which are the most convenient way of preparing are available in mostly 10 types, which you can’t resist to buy once you get to know the health benefits by consuming it.

Darjeeling Tea

The Darjeeling region produces the world class black tea, commonly recognized as “the champagne of tea”. The taste of the tea varies by the time (season) you harvest the plants. The first flush is during the spring which is the most popular and serves the best taste. It is fruity, delicate, floral and light. It is served best without any added milk or sugar, which ruins the purpose of consuming black tea.

Ceylon Tea

The most commonly used type in tea blends is Ceylon tea. It is the only kind of Black tea available in Sri Lanka, but is most widely used worldwide. It is citrus in quality and is medium bodied. Available in the dips form for the convenience of carrying and enjoying which is bold, rich and strong with some notes of spice or chocolate.

Yunnan Tea

As the name hints, it is from Chinese province Yunnan. This black tea dips are sometimes spicy, but mostly blended with chocolate and is dark, nuanced and malty.

Assam Tea

Assamese specially grow tea plantation in the valley on the banks of river Brahmaputra, which is one of the world’s largest tea growing regions. About one sixth of the tea grown in the world is served by Assam. The black tea available here bold, malty and brisk. Assam black tea dips are mostly exploited as the base for breakfast for English and Irish.

Keemun Tea

Keemun is an eastern Chinese province and the tea available here is popularly recognized as Keemun tea. It is of high in quality and is a connoisseur favorite. This black tea is acknowledged for its different flavors and aromas and is fruity, mellow, piney, wine-like and smooth.

Turkish Tea

In the east black coast region of Turkey, the Turkish Black tea is grown. It is traditionally served in small tulip-shaped glasses with boiling hot water and generally milk is not added to it. It is rich, bold, musky and malt.

Lapsang Souchong Tea

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is served both hot and in iced forms of the tea. It is available in smoked form in many flavors like bold, smoked meat, bittersweet and roast coffees. Usually the black tea is served hot with a bit sugar and lemon.

Nilgiri Tea

The Nilgiris is the mountain range in Southern India. The tea grown here is determined as Nilgiri Tea. The tea is best served with a bit of honey with a wedge of lemon. This black tea is used as the base for watermelon iced tea. The flavor profile of the black tea is floral and fragrant.

Earl Grey Tea

The most famous flavored tea among the western nations is definitely Earl Grey Black Tea. The bergamot citrus fruit’s essential oil is used traditionally to flavor the tea. It is available in many variations like Lady Grey, London Fog and Earl Green.

Bai Lin Gong Fu Tea

It is originated in China and is rarely available Black tea type even for its nation. It’s handmade, flavored and nuanced makes it more special and the people who can get it are treated with pleasure.

All the above mentioned are some kinds of the black tea available in the world’s market. As many of these are available in the form of leaves, the black tea dips are also available for the user convenience. The black tea dips are dipped in the hot water cups for about 3-5 minutes to make the essence of a perfect black tea.


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