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A Cup Of Tea Is A Cup Of Peace

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A Cup Of Tea Is A Cup Of Peace

A Cup Of Tea Is A Cup Of Peace
Peace of mind is a state of emotional and mental calmness without fear, worries or stress. The mind is stable and quite in this state, with this you experience a sense of freedom and happiness. To attain this peace of mind, there are many ways around the world. One such a beautiful habit is Tea meditation, which means “a cup of tea is a cup of peace”.
Tea is a natural aromatic drink usually made of hot water or milk poured into the cup of Camellia sinensis leaves. The leaves are also dried up and made into powder. In some parts of the world tea is made up of the leaves and in some parts the powder is used to make the beverage.
Types of Tea
Based on your taste and the benefits over drinking the beverage, tea is classified into types like green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea, and a cold brew and sun tea. Tea is also classified according to the region of its origin. China tea, Ceylon tea, Assam tea, Keemun tea, Enshu tea, Darjeeling tea, Nilgiris tea and many other tea forms from around the globe.

Benefits of having a cup of Tea
No matter what the season is Tea is hot favorite for many people around the globe as it can be served both hot and cold. There are an ample number of studies proving that Tea is good for health. So sip a cup of tea a day for a peace of mind. Let us have a close look on the benefits of sipping a cup of Tea a day.

Tea is rich in antioxidants
The body’s version of rust is cleaned when you have a tea, which makes keeping you young and protect from damage of the cells from harmful pollutants. The antioxidants are rich in the white tea, which is way less processed than green and black tea forms.


Less Caffeine than coffee
Tea has less caffeine content when compared to coffee. Whereas herbal tea has no caffeine presented in them. Which literally means herbal tea is super good for your health as it does not affect your nervous system.


Reduce the risk of dreadful diseases
The risk of heart attacks and strokes are reduced notably (20%-35%) when you consume green tea regularly (1–3 cups a day). Consuming green tea also lowers the levels of cholesterol present in the blood, thus making you stay healthy and fit.


Help in protecting bones
The consumption of green tea regularly lowers the risk of bone damage, suggests a study. Also a Japanese study revealed that due to high amounts of calcium present in tea, the risk of tooth loss is reduced consistently. Drink tea and smile much brighter.


Consumption of Tea helps battle cancer
If you got a strong history of your family battling with cancer, do not worry, just increase the consumption of organic tea. This reduces the risk of the growth of cancer cells in the body.


Soothes digestive system
The consumption of herbal tea, particularly chamomile tea soothes the digestive system says the studies. Add a bit of ginger to this chamomile herbal tea and get rid of nausea.


Tea is calorie free
Tea is a good alternative for water as it has no calories. Just dip a bag of tea to your hot water cup and enjoy your drink anytime, anywhere with versatile flavors.


Reduces inflammation
When you find your skin is irritating whatever the reason may be just an ice cold tea bag on the part of the inflammation and you will be amazed to see the results in very less time.


Reduces anxiety and stress
Drinking green and black tea can reduce the amounts of anxiety and stress present in your mind. Thus helping you to live a happier and more productive life.
Just prepare your cup of tea and say thanks for it, assuming its health benefits. The regular consumption of tea reduces stress and gives you inner peace and clarity of mind. Get the benefits of meditation by consuming tea regularly with mindfulness.
With tea being rich in antioxidants, it soothes your nerves and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle without stress thus maintaining inner peace. It eventually helps to be active throughout your day by reducing anxiety, insomnia and irregular heartbeat. Boosts your immune system, thus helping you lower the risk of being attacked by diseases which others are more prone to.


To maintain inner peace does not forget to consume a cup of tea regularly, which keeps you away from your stressful life. The antioxidants present in the tea can do magic for your body both inner and out. The skin glows by eliminating harmful toxins from inside your body. Glowing skin rejuvenates and brings you confidence to work carefree. The morning cup of tea can be your meditation. Thus, one can say by going through the above post that “A Cup of Tea Is a Cup of Peace”.


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