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Eat a Bowl of Tea


Tea is a way of life for many people. There are a huge number of people who literally live on tea. The demand for tea is slowly on the rise. People, especially from out of India are embracing this drink gratefully. It is not just because of its health benefits, but the sense of peace that it brings to the mind to. This drink comes under the necessity under everyday life in many places, just like coffee.

Today, because of their increasing awareness, online tea stores are being built up as well. These online tea shops have all the variety you need. For tea lovers, these tea stores online is a must visit. You can find all kinds of flavours, tea leaves curated specially for tea lovers.

The world is filled with people who have beautiful stories with tea. There is a sense of transformation when they have their favourite cup of tea. Since tea is such an important drink in peoples life, it is considered next to a small meal. A plate of chips or any snack and tea makes a perfect combination. Hence online tea stores make sure you get the best ones.


Home is where your tea is


Tea is such a drink that you can have it at anytime. Be it at work, midnight, parties, evenings etc. Tea lovers are more likely to say a Yes whenever they are asked if they want to have a bowlful. Many like to have it differently. Some want it without milk, with ginger, no sugar, a specific colour range, etc. They are not joking around with their drink, you see. This clarity and specifications need to be taken very seriously. Hence, they equate home with their perfect tea.

Tea and memorable outings

Picnics: For many families it is mandatory to cook tea and pour it in a thermos for their picnic outings. The enjoyment of having tea, apart from food, games and relaxation, in an open surrounding- redefines its value to another level. You observe the environment while taking small sips. And if the weather is ideal, it becomes a cherry on the icing.

In-flight tea: Tea is available everywhere. Online tea shops started selling ready- made teas sachets for those travelling frequently. One such occassion can be drinking tea in flight. You order your tea and it is their within minutes. Sipping tea at your window seat and watching the clouds pass by gives you an altered feeling all together. Your thoughts come and go just like the impermanent clouds. Places you see from such height while contemplating on tea, are the little blissful moments of life.  The warmth of it definitely plays a silent music in the mind.

Cafes/local makeshift stalls- West Bengal, a state in India, is famous for a Bengali phrase cha and adda. It means tea and conversations. People gather together for a brief moment to have tea from cheap tea stalls and talk about life and beyond. People thrive on such notion in cafes and stalls. Such moments with tea are timeless in Bengal.

Travel- While packing a suitcase, tea bags/sachets are obligatory things to pack. This essential works wherever you are at. It can be the beach, enjoying the rhythmic waves or at hilltops. Having tea at hilly area is the most heart warming. You see the mountains, its vastness with your tea. The cold makes it even better.

Such outings are not merely outings, but a feeling in itself. No matter where you go, you will find tea of their specialty.

The most famous kinds of tea you can experiment from Royal Black Pearl

  1. Black tea
  2. Green tea
  3. Oolong tea
  4. White tea
  5. Matcha Tea

Every online tea store will have them for their customer.


Tea Facts-

Did you know that New Zealand has an even stronger tea culture than London? They have a morning and evening tea breaks as a sacred ritual at workplace also.

Iced tea was invented on pure coincidence by Richard Blechynden. His tea wasn’t selling in a certain fair because it was too hot. He then put ice that became an instant hit amongst people. But he wasn’t the first one to discover it.

Black, Green, White and Oolong tea come from the same plant called Camellia Sinensis. It is because of the leaves are treated that they have different tastes all together.

The most favourite tea in China and Korea are Chrysanthemum Tea. It is also drunk when a person is suffering from fever or headache.

To eat a bowl of tea, you need a good place to buy it from. The best place to buy quality tea online need not be expensive ones. You just need to research well on online tea shops.



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