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Happiness Is A Cup Of Tea And Magazine

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Happiness Is A Cup Of Tea And Magazine

Happiness is a cup of tea and magazine :
Living in India you have to have a relation with tea. The stories of tea are ages old. Every generation and every person have some story or other linked to it. We all have grown up seeing our parents and grandparents enjoying the evening weather and chit chatting.
A cup of hot tea in the morning is the refreshment pack for many. Besides this, rainy season are just an excuse to have a cup of hot tea with some fries while watching the rain. A cup of tea in one hand and a new magazine in another is one of the best ways to spend the evening.
Talking about the rainy seasons, evening rains are best enjoyed with fries and tea. Dancing in the rain and then enjoying the tea in an earthen pot at a dhaba creates the memory for life. Many couples steal these moments with their partner to cherish for lifelong.
There are many more ways in which tea coupled with different things can spruce your evening. Without further ado, let’s get to know the ways in which you may have tea.

1.Roadside chai stops
Be it a long drive with the girlfriend or a vacation trip with family or friends, a stop in mid-way for tea is a must. The stop becomes even more necessary if the weather is chilled or it is a rainy day. Watching the raindrops hitting the earth sipping a hot cup of tea is a pleasure with no match.

2.Paired with magazine
Reading your favorite magazine in that balcony corner with a masala tea having all spruced up with ginger and cloves is no less than a massage therapy. Even if you are not a masala tea person, there are a gamut of options for you. No matter if you choose the green tea, iced tea or masala tea, reading a magazine while sipping the tea and enjoying the weather is just amazing and relaxing.

3.Boring office evenings
A cup of hot tea is a must during the evening hour of office to hold yourself from being lazy and sleepy. Who doesn’t want to have a nap after having a delicious lunch especially during the winters? A cup of hot tea isn’t just the savior of the cold but also spare you from getting scolded for sleeping in the office. It just charges your cell up to start work again with the new zest and zeal.

4.The tea date with your better half
Dates are always coupled with coffee and evenings but all the tea lovers will agree that ditching the coffee and having tea with your partner is equally romantic. Be it be a breakfast meetup or an evening relaxing mood, a good cup of tea switches the calm mood on.

5.Tea: the stress buster of yours
After a hectic day outside, a good cup of tea just releases all your stress away. Your perfect cup of tea is what makes you relaxed and back to the normal pace. The tension in office then the heavy traffic and honking cars can buzz your mind off. A good tea is what calms it down and let you be you.

6.The morning startup routine
Do you know what is the best thing about the tea? It goes with everything. Yes, you read it right. The tea goes with every breakfast. Doesn’t matter if you like Indian breakfast with parathas dipped in the ghee or you want to have a much lighter and healthier breakfast with a bowl of oats, tea goes with both. You can pair tea with your favorite breakfast and it will be the best start of the day
Including green tea in your morning routine gives you the double benefit.
One, it makes you healthier by detoxifying the body
Secondly, it recharges you to be prepared for the day. A late-night sleep makes the entire morning sleepy, dull and lack of energy but a green tea kicks all that off besides filling you with energy to start the day.

7.The relationship of tea and magazine
If you have never had tea while flipping the pages of a magazine, you have not lived your life. Tea holds a special relationship with magazines besides rain and fries. It is mandatory to enjoy the Sundays, holidays and some other leisure time sipping coffee, flipping the pages of a magazine and letting the wind kiss your cheeks.

8.The tea talks
Another way to best enjoy the tea is to sip it while talking to your friends. When discussing something important with your friend, tea acts as your energy drink. A long chat with friends while sipping in that perfect home-made tea is another refreshment you may award yourself with.

Different people have the different choice and taste but a cup of tea is also a cup of memories and decisions made during the routine daily life and cherished in the old age. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite tea at Royal Black Pearl and magazine and make a memory to be cherished.

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