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Host Your Own Tea Party

When think about tea parties, we start getting the thoughts of people of high social class, Victorian decor, blue haired ladies and pinky fingers stuck up in the air. Afternoon is the easiest way to entertain guests and best way to celebrate birthday, anniversaries etc. The biggest differentiating factor between normal tea party and royal tea party is the quality of tea. It just not only sets the mood but also states about class and references.

My anniversary is less than a month away and I have planned to host a tea party at home. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful tea collection, tea cups, tea pots and other accessories.

Whatever is the reason for hosting a tea party, here are the lists of things which one should do prior to the day:

  1. Invitation: The first and foremost thing to host a high class tea party is to make a list of guests and send an invitation card. If you have any theme don’t forget to mention it beforehand.
  2. Set the Scene: If you have a garden or lobby, you’ve an added advantage! Nothing beats the beauty of the nature. If not, don’t worry, drawing hall. Set your table with your best chinaware and crockery.
  3. Tea & Snacks: The most important thing to make a successful party is tea itself. Instead of making a regular tea, go for various flavours. I am planning to keep some popular teas like Osmanthus Tea, Oolong Tea, Orange Tea etc. Male your gusts not only talk about tea but also food. You can include sandwiches, cookies, scones, cupcakes, etc.
  4. Enhance the Experience: Music is the most important element of any party. Create a playlist with music that you and your guests enjoy.
  5. Steep, Sip & Enjoy: When the day arrives, enjoy your party with all you have planned. Hosting a tea party ia great fun and is a great way to meet all your friends/family members.

I am going to make a preparation for my tea party. I hope you have found these tips useful. If you are planning to host a tea party, let me know in the comments below.

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