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Life is better when you have a cup of Tea

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Life is better when you have a cup of Tea


Are you a person who has just begun with their tea journey? For many individuals, happiness is defined as a fine cup of hot tea. It is one of the most widely appreciated drinks in India. However, the demand for tea has only gone upwards in the past decade. This is not just in India, but across the world. For many, tea is also a way towards finding a sense of calm.

Tea lovers have very specific tea habits. Some need just the precise colour, correct texture, sugar as per taste, perfection of the temperature and many more. Others just do with any kind of tea. Sipping tea also depends on ones time, location, your mood and a certain atmosphere for many. Earlier, tea was limited to very few flavours. There are lots of new flavours added today. One can easily choose from them to suit their taste. There are many online tea stores where you can order your tea leafs and experiment. These Online tea shops provide variety of flavours like CTC tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, Oolong tea, etc.

Every flavour has different benefits. Online tea stores give accurate details about the advantages they have. You can choose accordingly and enjoy the advantages. People drink tea even when they are increasingly stressed. It is not just a drink but also works like a stress buster. There are huge number of online tea shops that will sell you tea leaves. The best place to buy quality tea online is Royal Black Pearl. You need to be very careful where you are buying from. This is because only the finest stores will give premium quality blends of every kind.

Why buy from an online tea shop?

Nowadays, internet is available so easily that ordering is just a click away. The convenience and privileges regarding online shopping has become excellent. After all who would want to do the laborious act of going out and wasting time? The tea shops online give you wider variety than a normal store.

Tips on buying tea online

Since some of you may be beginners in the tea journey, here are some starter tips to find an appropriate tea shop online –

  1. Know what you need- The first thing to do is write down what you really need. Are you looking for a specific regional brand, flavour, CTC or tea bag products, your budget, etc? Be clear and concise.
  2. Do proper research- A well researched product, brand or company is always an advantage. Find out about the services, product and price range. Read reviews and then come to a conclusion. Most importantly, do not buy in haste. Patience always is a virtue.
  3. Check for brand/company reputation- This is an important part of the research as reputation matters. Read with an open mind as there would be lots of doubts in this area. Also, false reviews spread faster, therefore beware.
  4. Check for special store services- A good deal of online tea stores keeps special services for premium brands. This can be talked about, by contacting them personally.
  5. Don’t judge- There is a famous saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Similarly, try not to judge the tea by its packaging. It isn’t necessary that an eye-catching packaging will have a finer tea quality. Packaging and advertising do matter but give others a chance too.
  6. Start with sample sizes- Find online tea stores that give sample packs or just buy the smallest pack available. Do this with other tea vendors and companies. In this way, you can buy different packs and play with your taste buds. This will also make you realize what you really like.
  7. The brand establishment- There are very few brands that sell premium quality tea. They have their own unique selling point. Do a deeper research for such tea shops online.
  8. Don’t hesitate- You may come across some brands or flavours that you detested to the core. This should not stop you from trying new things. All experiences are for good. Just keep clicking on those online tea stores and create your own adventures.

Tea is an integral part of so many lives in this planet. Once you find just the perfect kind of tea in the online tea shops, it will be worth it.

You can also experiment your tea with-

  • Different water types (local, soft or hard water)
  • Varied temperatures
  • Addition of lemon or mixed of two types of teas in one cup

Let your inner journey start by buying various tea shops online. You shall see the subtle changes in your life slowly. Indeed life will be better when you have a good cup of tea.






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