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Morning Cup Of Tea

Explore the Tea traditions followed across the Globe!

Most of the people of the like tea in this world and out of these people sometimes their day start with tea or without tea. tea is not a beverage or drink, it gives relaxation and motivation to the mind. so you are interested to know more about tea, from where Tea comes etc….

According to the legend, the tea story began in 2737 BCE when the Chinese emperor found that his usual cup of hot water had a nice flavour to it because of a dried tea leaf which fell into it accidentally and this incident lead to the tea plantations and thanks to the colonization, tea was transported across the world from China. Nowadays every country in this world has some famous tea with some specific reasons.

Let’s check out Tea tradition in the world

A) India

In India, we use chai word for speaking rather than tea word and we Indian drink tea as the drug because it gives relaxation to the whole body, gives comfort, gives new ideas. Most cannot begin their day without their usual morning cup of tea and interestingly, tea is not something native to India. With British came tea because they needed a cost-effective option to grow tea and India’s cold regions such as Darjeeling provided the climatic conditions and the land they were looking for. Thus, they started plantations in the country. Well, rest is history and tea which was considered as an elite delicacy is now part of everyday life of a common man.

There are several varieties such as the usual one – a mix of milk and water, masala tea which has several herbs such as cloves, ginger among others, lemon tea which is known as Suleimani in Kerala, tea served in mud pots known as ‘kulhad chai’ in North Indian states among million other varieties.

B) Morocco

Touareg tea which is a blend of mint, green tea leaves and a nice dollop of sugar is a traditional tea drink in most of the Moroccan homes. Usually poured from a height into slim glasses, it is served to the guests thrice a day and each serving has a different flavour and there is a story behind this tradition. According to the story, the first glass is supposed to symbolize the gentleness of the life, the second cup symbolizes the strength of love and the last one represents the bitterness of death. Therefore, it is considered rude to refuse any one of the serving.

C) Tibet

Po Cha is the traditional tea served in the Tibetan homes and is made by boiling the brick of Pemagul black tea for hours and then a fine blend of yak butter, milk and salt is added to the boiled milk and you have the classic morning cup of tea of Po cha. It has a soup like consistency and it has helped the inhabitants of the frozen country to stay warm during the freezing temperatures.

D) Argentina

Yerba Mate is the tea served in Argentinian homes and the tea is made from the herb called Yerba. It’s called drink of the Gods and has a fixed place in the life of an Argentinian. A small pot or dried Calabaza gourds is the vessel in which this tea is prepared and is drunk with the help of a straw called Bombilla. Interestingly, just like you would like to pass Sheesha around, this tea is also passed around among a group and one can refill it just by adding hot water and if you are ever part of such a group, they never say thank you. Saying thank you means declining the drink and you will end up insulting the host or the tea maker and never stir the drink the tea with Bombilla because that will mean you doubt the tea making abilities of the tea maker. If you prefer your morning cup of tea to be sweet, then you can just add some sugar or the healthier option of honey.

E) Russia

The morning cup of tea in Russia has a different story behind its origin. Tea was brewed in Russia during its financially difficult time when a family had to stretch its finishing rations. Zavarka, the Russian tea originated from such difficult times. It is a loose tea leaf brewed in the small metal container known as samovar. This vessel contains the black tea which is quite strong and served in big mugs. Believe me, you won’t be able to stomach the entire mug so your hosts will offer you the tea with a generous helping of milk and sugar to take the bitterness a notch down along with some snack. It is also considered rude if the tea is not served as a snack.

So what do you think? Your regular morning cup of tea is not a just a cup of tea but a reservoir of culture and traditions and custom of different countries.

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