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Reasons to Drink Hot Tea in Summer

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Reasons to Drink Hot Tea in Summer

No matter what is the season, tea has always been a refreshing drink. Tea lovers love to have a cup of their favorite tea during summers also. But the question is if it’s good for our health? Well, the answer is “Yes”.

I remember as a child when during summers my grandma used to tell me “to have a cup of tea-it will help my body to cool & relax”. As an eight-year-old child, this seemed like a crazy idea, especially when all I wanted was to have some cold beverage. But now this old wives’ tale seems so true.

There are various types of tea but let’s discuss the reasons to have a hot tea in summer:

  1. It Cools You Down: The studies have shown that if a person consumes hot tea in summers, it allows the body to relax and cools down to normal homeostatic temperature.
  2. It helps you Digest: In summers, our body gather so much of internal heat & energies that can cause illness. Sipping a hot tea keeps you away from digestive disorders.
  3. It keeps you Immune System Strong: If a body isn’t getting enough nutrients required for growth & repair, our immune system will become week. Hot tea helps in absorbing proper nutrients and promotes circulation in the body.
  4. It Quench Thirst: It is believed that if you feel dehydrated even after drinking lot of water, then you can quench your thirst with a cup of hot tea.
  5. It Prevents Reproductive Issues: Excessive consumption of cold beverages can negatively affect the reproductive system. It also creates moisture & dampness. Having a hot tea promotes healthy blood flow.

So tea lovers, enjoy your favourite tea. Anyone telling you to skip your favourite cup of hot tea during sunny days should be shunned.

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