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Tea Is A Liquid Wisdom

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Tea Is A Liquid Wisdom

Tea is a liquid wisdom
India or England, a cup of tea is mandatory to fill the day with energy and kick start it with passion, positivity, and enthusiasm. In fact, the mood depends upon the taste of the tea. For many people, it isn’t just a cup of hot milk, water and sugar mixture with some added flavour of tea but a cup to enlighten the sense of calmness and a feeling to get started the day.
So, grab your cup of wisdom and let us see what all a cup of tea holds with it. Besides benefits and side effects, the blogs on Royal Black Pearl will also give you a glimpse of how tea is a liquid wisdom. People crave for a cup of hot tea and there are many who can’t function without a morning cup of tea.

i. Life is like a cup of tea, it all lies in how you make it
There are many more quotations and phrases related to tea which relates it to life and inspiration. Many dieticians recommend having a cup of green tea with some drops of lemon squeezed in it. Many yoga teachers and dieticians support green tea and claim that it detoxifies the body.
It freshens up the mind, make the dream and past distant and gets you on shoes to face the new day and new challenges. It detoxifies the mind from the worries and fills you with the zest and zeal to start afresh keeping aside the worries of the past.
The taste and proportion of tea, sugar, etc. depends upon the like and dislike of an individual. As you like, accordingly you make your tea. Similarly, as you want, you can frame your life as well.

ii. Tea is a divine herb
It might seem to some people that having tea to start the day is an addiction. But is it really true? Most people believe it because of the promotion and exaggeration of the presence of caffeine in the tea. But there are many benefits of the tea as well.

a. Antioxidants: There is a reason why it is asked and said that the tea freshens up the mind. It carries many antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids. These are the powerful antioxidants which purify the blood and makes you feel afresh.

b. Lose weight: Do you want to lose weight? Yes, then drink tea. Research shows that tea has fat burning properties, and it induces weight loss. Of course, this doesn’t mean to overdose yourself with it in greed of losing some kilos

c. Say Hi to Tea and Bye to Cancer: Yes, you read it right. Researches also claim that the green tea drinkers have a lesser risk of the many cancers. Not all but yeah a few of them are not going to come your way if you start your day with a cup of green tea.

d. Sharpen your brain with a cup of green tea: Like said by many that they feel afresh after having a cup of green tea or they can’t start their morning without a cup of green tea, the studies show that the ingredients of green tea help in protecting neurons. This ultimately saves you from Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. These are the two most common and dangerous neurodegenerative disorders.

e. Go ahead with fewer infections: The catechins in the green tea protects you against a gamut of infections. This proves that this indeed is a good habit to start your day sipping in green tea. Less infection equals good health which in turn yields more productivity.

f. Tea talk: You must have heard of these. Many media and news channels have tea talk shows. They actually serve tea to their guests while having an interview session or discussion with them. This isn’t just to provide them with some beverage but because tea makes you feel fresh besides filling in enthusiasm and zest.

Conclusion: A cup of tea makes the day and health better. Staring a healthy day by detoxifying the body and purifying the blood by supplementing in the antioxidants is the best. It keeps you awake, throws the dream and sleep away and actually gets you started with the work.

This, of course, doesn’t at all imply to overdose yourself with the habit of tea and make it an addiction for you. As it is said aptly that the overdose and addiction of anything are harmful. The same holds true for the tea as well. Overdosing yourself or making you an addict reasoning that it is healthy isn’t a good idea.
But yes, a cup of fresh tea in the morning and at evening is best to have. It is your saviour from slacking off and procrastinating on the important things which you must do in the day. Fill your day with healthy homemade food and fresh fruits along with tea and be more productive throughout the day.


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